The Villas
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AngieBill at Penns Peak
DancerDave FerraraBill Wehbe
The Villas
The Villas
Angie & DaveV's Sound Guru - Marty Bennicoff
The Villas and Cy Curnin
Angie VIllaKaren DolanBill
Marc WaldmanBill W
Angie's TeleBill W
BW and Angie at the Ice HouseThe Ice HouseBill and Marc at the Ice House
The Villas - Ice House
Angie, Bill and Bill
The Villas at the SterlingBill and Angie and IPO

Row 1 fotos of The Villas opening for The Fixx @ Penn's Peak shot by Joe Plasco, The Times News, with Fan Fotos from recent VillasGigs at Penn's Peak, The Sarah Street Grill, Illick's Mill Fall Gala, World Cafe Live, Riverfusion Festival/The Ice House, Mayfair Festival Of The Arts, The Sterling Hotel, and the International Pop Overthrow Festival @ The Pontiac Grille.